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  • Booking

Please keep in mind that while last minute appointments are available, pre-screening is a MUST. The more notice you are able to give me, the better. This allows me to get ready for our time together and make sure that I am freshly showered and beautifully presented for you. You are also encouraged to arrive on time, and allow yourself a few minutes to freshen up when you arrive.

  • Contact

My preferred method of contact is via my contact page on this website, or email: 

Please always be discreet in your communication and correspondence.  I will never respond or acknowledge any explicit, lewd or rude language of any kind.  Respectful gentlemen always get my attention!


  • Payment

I require you to pay up front in cash before our date starts so have your money in an envelope ready for when you arrive.  Let's get the business side out of the way so we can focus on having some quality time. I do not, ever, negotiate or entertain requests for 'deals.'  Upscale gentlemen don't ask those things. 


  • Cancellations

I understand that unexpected things happen and you may have to cancel. Please email me as soon as you know you cant make it. In the unfortunate event that you cancel 48 hours or less before our booked appointment, I ask for a reasonable consideration, which can be sent anonymously. Cancelling 24-48 hours in advance: 50% fee

Cancelling 0-24 hours in advance: 100% of the rate for the total time booked.


  • Respect

Always treat people with respect.  It's never ok to be disrespectful to anyone.. Make sure you are presentable, clean and well groomed.  I expect my gentlemen to act like gentlemen - hold doors for people; say thank you, and treat the service providers like your family.  THAT will get my attention and make me look at you with alluring eyes you won't ever forget.

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